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A truck that puts the “up” in pickup

This fanciful LEGO creation by Martin Redfern was inspired by the concept art of Ian McQue. I like how the front hook seems to be holding the truck aloft (although the delightful greebles in the back are more likely culprits for the vehicle’s propulsion system). The grays and browns give this build a lived-in vibe, but they are nicely balanced by the vibrant red.

Flying Pick Up ( Inspired by Ian McQue )

Originally built in 2016, this model was one of the inaugural models displayed in the Masterpiece Gallery of the LEGO House. We’re glad to see it back together again after a rough return flight.

Tow with a pro

LegoMarat brings you some remote-controlled action tonight with his rendition of an Illinois Department of Transportation International 4400 tow truck. Not content to merely nail the shaping for the exterior, he also packed in a working front and rear suspension, opening doors, 6 motors, 3 IR receivers, and a battery box to bring it all to life. This model brings out the Tonka-Truck loving little kid in me and I want to take it out to the sandbox.


The rugged model also features a working fork that is capable of lifting a 2kg load. Don’t believe me?…check out the handy instructional video that highlights all the wonderful power-function driven features of the IDOT wrecker.