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An endless dogfight delight with a motorised LEGO creation [Video]

Jason from JK Brickworks never ceases to impress us with his animated skills of using motors and moving parts to bring a build to life. This time he’s got a Sopwith Camel and Fokker Dr.1 all tuned up and ready for an endless chase.

Pursuit of Flight

Click to see it in action

Wide-mouthed fighter will make you smile

A flying cement truck doesn’t sound like a great idea, yet Damien Labrousse has used LEGO’s concrete mixer parts to great effect in his Basking Shark Fighter. The gaping air intakes might grab your initial attention, but you’ll linger over the whip-smart colour scheme, and the wonderful angles of the rest of the fuselage.


The angular styling reminds me of the funky geometry of the fictional MiG-31 “Firefox”, from the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name, but it’s those massive engines which lend this little fighter a big character all of its own.


Snoopy vs the Red Baron

In the nick of time, a hero arose…and I’m not apologizing for the 1960s ear worm. Miro Dudas has given us what we never knew we needed: Snoopy in his warbird. The Sopwith Camel itself is fantastic, and the addition of Snoopy as pilot just tugs at nostalgia.

Snoopy the Flying Ace

Snoopy the Flying Ace