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Dreadbeard, Lead Guitarist; Floating on Cloud 9

The entertaining piratical musician was built by Sweetsha. The dreads look appropriately unwashed, and I like how well the essence of the character is conveyed in a relatively simple build.

Metal Head

Sweetsha is apparently engaging in a seed-part contest, with the brown claw piece as the mystery part. His floating windmill island is also worth highlighting. The clouds as structural elements to stabilize the base and hold the flying machine aloft are a nice touch, and the round Hobbt-door is too cute. Be sure to check out his flickr-stream for more cool models utilizing the brown claw.

Celestial Windmill

Watchmen’s Comedian

Pate-keetongu has masterfully created Edward Blake, aka the manic Comedian from Allan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen. The Comedian was a rough, fatalistic superhero, and that character shows through in the model. You can read more about it at Pate’s own blog.

The Comedian