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Have you hugged your fender today?

These adorable little canines by Moritz are too cute for words. From now on, whenever I see these pieces actually used as fenders, I’ll wonder why they crammed doggie heads in there….

The builder gives proper credit to Teik Joon for using a fender as an animal head.



I’m really not sure what this dog by Chandler Parker would say but I feel it would more pithy than a simple ‘woof!’. Maybe it’s the canine equivalent of the Cheshire Cat.

Meet Michael, the microscale miniature dachshund

The miniaturization of LEGO dachshunds continues. Brickshelfer w9gfo recently posted this lovely little dog, completely with lolling tongue.

LEGO microscale miniature dachshund

Here’s hoping Joel’s puppy enjoyed this post as much as Josie did.

Via The Living Brick.

Random LEGO animals on my pug

Thanel had cats growing up. I had dogs. To counteract his most recent cat-centric post, I give you Pugsly, with random LEGO animals on his head.

Sleeping pug with LEGO animals on his head

Balance has now been restored to the blog. All is well in the LEGO world.

Joel Baker’s dachshund puppy gets a LEGO pal

With Josie sitting next to me while I eat cheese puffs, I would probably be licked into submission if I didn’t blog Joel Baker‘s adorable pair of dachshunds — one real, one LEGO.

LEGO dachshund puppy sculpture

Via The Living Brick.

Pugsly made me blog this

This black pug by Raphael is, after all, rather adorable.

LEGO pug dog

Oh Pugsly, the things you make me do…


Psst, everyone, remember why we’re here?  LEGO is awesome.  Check out this cute Boston Terrier by Mike “Count Blockula” Crowley:

Brando Bulldog the Butcher

I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve always credited Mark “Hinckley” Larson with starting the whole Fabuland trend way back when with his Fabuland Housewives series.

Mark’s latest Fabuland creation features Brando Bulldog and his lovely house:

See more on Flickr or BrickZone.net.

Awwwww, doggies!

Moko (boy, is that guy prolific!) seems to have wrapped up his furniture series and started a batch of dogs, including an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene version of his Jack Russel:

Yesterday I was a dog.

Following up on her Wallace & Gromit creations (previous post), Japanese builder MisaQa has posted a nice little Snoopy, Woodstock, doghouse, and typewriter:

Year of the Dog (House)

It’s a little late in the year, but Brickshelf user Poizunn-05 has posted an adorable dog and dog house:

Japanese New Year’s Cards: “Nengajyou”

An important New Year’s tradition in Japan is to send out New Year’s greeting cards, called nengajyou. The cards often feature the animal from the Chinese zodiac for that year (2006 is the year of the dog). Although these cards usually take the form of postcards, several Japanese LEGO bloggers have posted wonderful electronic New Year’s cards.

First up, mumu posts a wonderful card on I Love Cute LEGO!:

And ayucow does likewise on Bacalogue:

Finally, Edwin (a New Zealander posting in Japanese) has posted a pug-themed card made by Edamame05. (Linking directly to the image doesn’t seem to work, so click the link to see the card.)