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Build your own LEGO Oliver Twist the pug dog [Instructions]

Even though The Brothers Brick’s official mascot is some type of strepsirrhine primate, our unofficial mascots have always been my pugs, first the late, great Mr. Pugsly and now Oliver Twist. TBB’s own Elspeth De Montes created a LEGO version of little Ollie for our recent calendar contest, and she has just posted simple instructions for you to build your own LEGO pug.

Oliver TBB LEGO Pug Instructions

Corgiballs of cuteness!

These poofy corgiballs are brimming with cuteness. They were digitally rendered by Steven Reid based on a design by actioncharles. If only the bricks existed in these colors then I’d build one myself, or two, or a dozen…


If you can’t hang with the big dogs, you stay on the porch!

Here is an adorable couple of Chihuahuas by delayice to celebrate the start of the weekend. Take a moment to note how adorably grotesque both dogs are and how recognizable the overall shape is. How can one not fall in love with these silly eyes and enormous ears?


Waldi the dachshund from the 1972 Munich Olympics

The Olympic Games of 1972 in Munich, Germany were the first to feature a mascot. Waldi the dachshund was designed by graphic designer Otl Aicher, who modeled Waldi after a real-life doxie named Cherie von Birkenhof. Even in this simple but excellent LEGO version of Waldi by umamen, you can see the attributes of resistance, tenacity, and agility.

LEGO: 1972 Munich Olympic mascot WALDI

Little Elephant by Bangoo

In sharp contrast to Iain’s Game of Thrones posts yesterday, I thought we could all do with something cute and adorable. Since I have no spare pugs around, this little elephant by Bangoo will just have to do.


If you still need more, I’d recommend either the fox, cat, or dog.

Saturday Morning Pug

Pugs. You may love them or not, but you can’t deny they’re adorable in their own unique way. Marcos Bessa captures their quizzical look with shocking perfection.


Personally, I like the bow-tie version:

My newest creation! :) this one is only for me, not an official product. Check my flickr for more pictures: www.flickr.com/people/marcosbessa #pug #puggie #lego #sculpture #creation #moc #afol #cute #funny #adorable

Snoop would be proud.

Alex Jones (Orion Pax) has got one lucky little puppy, for it has quite possibly the greatest dog house ever.


The house itself is very nicely designed, but it is clearly the accessories that kick up the cool factor.

Check out Alex’s website for more views.

Lego westie from Cesar’s dog food commercial

This Lego westie by ccy_8086 is one of the most adorable creations I’ve seen. The multitude of slopes worked out really well as opposed to a traditional bricks and plates approach.


Classic LEGO set 212 in Miniland scale, with bonus dachshund

aurore&aube‘s favorite set of all time is the small 1976 set 212 Scooter. He celebrates this classic set by recreating it in Miniland scale. My favorite detail, though, is the extra black-and-tan dachshund that aurore&aube included. Making small-scale LEGO animals is especially challenging, though aurore&aube is no stranger to excellent LEGO creatures. The dachshund stands in an expressive pose, as though he’s about to start barking at the passing scooter.

scooter 005

¡Ay, chihuahua!

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in the small dog area at the park lately with Josie and our new pug Ollie, who’s doing his best to set himself apart from the distinguished life and career of the late, great Mr. Pugsly. I’ve seen more chihuahuas in the last few weeks than I’d seen for years before, so I can testify to the absolute accuracy of this wonderful pup by edulyoung — from the perky ears and shiny little bug eyes to the tiny stick legs.

LEGO chihuahua

Via The Living Brick.

Have you hugged your fender today?

These adorable little canines by Moritz are too cute for words. From now on, whenever I see these pieces actually used as fenders, I’ll wonder why they crammed doggie heads in there….

The builder gives proper credit to Teik Joon for using a fender as an animal head.



I’m really not sure what this dog by Chandler Parker would say but I feel it would more pithy than a simple ‘woof!’. Maybe it’s the canine equivalent of the Cheshire Cat.