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An imposing silhouette of a Jurassic figure

I’m mightily impressed with the prehistoric power communicated in this simplistic Apatosaurus sculpture by Ken Ito. Composed solely of grayscale LEGO, the dino showcases so many different ways to express a curved surface in the blocky form. The simplest example of this is curved slope bricks and arches, tools made exactly for the job of natural shapes. But we also see stepped plates and tiles along the lizard’s back and curves made of hinges along the neck and tail of the beast. Even the wedge plates along the back legs of the ‘saur, when combined with the knee bend, form a great curve leading into the rear of the beast. The backlit photo only further highlights all the great angles Ken has achieved.


This is one dino-mite creation!

Jake Hansen’s LEGO dinosaur reminds me of the rubber dino toys I used to own as a kid. They were bright in colour and most of them looked quite friendly. Except for the meat-eaters. They looked really serious but that was mostly due to the sharp teeth. Then Jurassic Park came along and all of a sudden most dinosaurs were earth-toned. They also made the velociraptors quite a lot bigger but that’s a story for another day. This Stegosaurus by Jake is colorful and really friendly looking. For the spine fins Jake used the crane grab jaw which looks splendid from this angle. I am curious how it looks from the front. The half round tiles have been used as toenails which works perfectly. Last but not least there is a quite Jurassic part used in the foliage that is dinosaur-related. It is the dragon arms, which later were used by LEGO on dinosaurs as well.