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A cheery cherry crab

This Sakura Crab by Sandro Quattrini lives up to its name. Not only are there cherry blossoms on the crustacean’s shell, that cherry color carries over to the anthropomorphic critter itself. I love the construction in the eyes, and the quarter-circle tile used on the legs. The mouth is also pretty cool, with minifigure arms making perfect mandibles. The greens of the lily pad offsets the red, making this unusual crab a bit more integrated with nature, too.

Sakura Crab

There’s a lot of fun crab builds happening in the LEGO community these days. Why not add your own into the mix? We have plenty of inspiration in our archives!

Not a beastie anyone should corner in the dark depths

This fearsome LEGO beast comes from the mind of WoomyWorld. Lurking in the depths of the cavernous underground, it waits for the unsuspecting wanderer lost in the dark. The construction of this beastie and its scene bear great care in the details. The head is well sculpted, featuring a variety of fun pieces, including some minifig arms to frame upper cheeks. Many Bionicle pieces make up the limbs and body, including the connector joints making up the beast’s vertebrae. With its glowing red eyes, this is no creature I’d want to encounter while exploring caves! The size of it is mammoth, a scale illustrated by the tiny brick-built figure brandishing a sword. Will the ancient creature feast on the foolish or reward the wise? Only time will answer the question and only the wise will find the solution; the foolish will make for a light snack.

The Withered Beast

There’s still Life On Mars

Sand purple; there’s a color that doesn’t see a lot of use in LEGO creations these days. But Djokson refuses to be limited by convention – or that fact that the purple elements used in Grappler SuGork haven’t been seen since 2001’s Life on Mars theme. And don’t let that friendly face fool you, either. That’s a Bionicle Krana mask from 2002. And those odd shoulder bits? Hovercraft skirts last seen in a 2006 Batboat. I don’t know what SuGork is up to, but it’s clear he’s been working on that armor for a very long time.

Grappler SuGork

Sadly there aren’t a ton of other Martian throwbacks in our Life on Mars tag. Why not dust off some old pieces and try making a tribute yourself?

Judge not lest ye be judged by this alien Arbitrator

It can be argued that the best art is that which invokes an emotional response. This otherworldly LEGO “Arbitrator” by Aidan (AjRed17) certainly does make me feel… Something, but I can’t put my finger on what. Is it the creeps from those spindly arms holding up a balance scale? Is it awe inspired by the clever use of an old gray tyre for the face? Or am I simply hypnotised by the Gungan shield which resembles a solitary eye? I’ll let you be the judge…


A taste of nectar on another world

Meet the Epyft, an alien being created by Mattia Careddu. This LEGO creature brings to mind a hummingbird crossed with a butterfly, as its long mouth reaches down to the bright blooming flower, drinking up all the rich nectar. No doubt the sugar is needed for the energy to stay in the air. The flower and the surrounding foliage feature so many cool parts to create something out of this world! Bionicle masks give the translucent green plants and blue flowers cool shapes and textures. Speaking of Bionicle masks, they’re also used for the creature’s sides, but that’s not the coolest bit of parts usage for this build. The creature’s body is a fun use of a torso piece from the Galidor toy line, produced by LEGO in 2002 for the sci-fi kids show by the same name.


This bad, blue Bionicle is boss!

This outstanding LEGO Bionicle creature by Max Howell feels like it just came out of a sci-fi thriller. The massive claws, tiny probe-like legs, and a serious case of five-head give me the impression that this “Badnicle” is a Toa’s worst nightmare. The part usage is excellent, especially the inspired choice of chest plate. And I love the tires bulking up its arms. My only question is, does anyone else get a Megamind vibe from that color scheme?


The Abyssal Daemon is here to brighten your day...or something

Can you believe this Abyssal Daemon is a belated Christmas present from one builder to another? I can, actually. The LEGO builders we feature here at The Brothers Brick are nothing if not fun and creative. Anthony Wilson has created this dastardly demon for Aiden Rexroad in honor of his style and now we’re all feeling warm and fuzzy. Or is that my head separating from my spine? It’s hard to tell the difference at times. I don’t think I’ve met these two gents in person but if I received such a gift I’d be pretty thrilled. Call me weird but I just love the skeletal batwings and the crescent moon-shaped head. But then again I’ve always been into odd things. How about you? What do you think?

Abyssal Daemon

This flower mantis wants you to put up your dukes

This LEGO flower mantis built by Takamichi Irie is so pretty. It’s also deadly if you happen to be its prey…or a male flower mantis. I’m not sure whether I want to fight it or kiss it. Either way, it’s probably best I keep a safe distance from anything that would bite my head off after mating, not that I’d be into that sort of thing. (Well, that got awkward fast!) While you’re mulling over how that would work out, take a look at why we are so smitten by anything Takamichi does. On second thought, maybe I can give this pretty flower mantis just a tiny smooch. What can go wrong?

Flower Mantis

The most interesting prom date you’re going to find.

Leave it to Dan Ko to create a creature that takes interesting part usage to a whole new galaxy. Titled “The CandyDate“, this depiction of alien student Dor Zinoir incorporates underused parts like a crab for a hand, Dimensions game pieces for foot-pods, and what appear to be minifigure fishing rods for the spindly legs. There are also minifigure arms, disembodied hands, and Unikitty tails in the mix. That nose is throwing me, though. It looks like a minifigure head/helmet, but I can’t place it.

The CandyDate

Take a closer look after the break

This unwelcome visitor makes your opinionated uncle seem delightful

We’ve all had to put up with that one unwelcome visitor, right? Usually it’s an opinionated uncle with some harebrained QAnon conspiracies or a boozy aunt with a penchant for family drama. Both will wreck the toilet and both will ask to borrow $12,000 by the end of the night but they keep getting invited back because they’re family. Well, imagine a visitor so unwelcome that not only is it adept in its toilet wrecking abilities but it’ll also scramble your brain and make you do its unspeakable bidding. That is precisely the kind of unwelcome visitor Ivan Martynov has rendered in LEGO. Meet Ur-Lugal, a being so strange it is clearly not from around here. It isn’t even from Belgium. Its planet of origin is unpronounceable and its tactics are insidious. Still, you have to admit that there are some rather charming built techniques at play here. It’s almost…welcoming.


Or is that the brain scrambling at work? I’m not even sure what’s right anymore. But what I am sure about is I like the stuff Ivan builds. Also where we go one, we go all.

Chilled to the bone

Nope. Absolutely not. If I have to fight the undead in the snow, I’ll gladly take a White Walker over this nightmare fuel. Inspired by a wendigo and his own original sketch, builder Andrew Steele brings us a model to match the season. This skeletal monstrosity is a mix of human, bear, wolf, and moose bones corrupted by evil ice magic. Behold the terrifying Kraatokk.

Kraatokk (Corrupted)

Much like most of Andrew’s builds, this massive creature makes use of Technic and LEGO System pieces to achieve its size and detail. Though the faux fur isn’t a “legal” LEGO piece, it works well with the character design by framing the wonderfully creepy, fanged skull. The antlers also add that perfect cryptid quality. I love the bits of green stuck to it like moss or vines from the undergrowth.

Kraatokk (Corrupted)

The back illustrates the length and stature of this spindly beast’s limbs. As large as it is, it requires some help from a stand to stay up. Andrew did well with this, constructing a base to match the model’s mystic, eldritch vibes. The translucent blue carcass at Kraatokk’s feet compliments the blue orb you can see above in his unnatural double rib cage.

Kraatokk (Corrupted)

If scary is your thing, check out some more horrifying builds. You’re sure to find something creepy to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Praying Mantis-inspired mech that won’t bite your head off... or will it?

When the apocalypse finally happens, and a new intelligent species rises from the ashes to rebuild the world, this mantis mech load lifter will be an essential part of the re-construction. Built using the HOME DEPOT brand palette by G rammaticul, at least you won’t have any trouble seeing it rolling through the jungle to drop a heavy crate on your foot. Or your head. The legs look super-sturdy using a double ball joint at the abdomen, and that leather seat made from brown ingot pieces looks like it might even cushion your bum, except I don’t think the driver of this mech would need to worry about that.

THDE 2400 M-49 "Mantis"