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Miniature habitat is big on tranquility

Building a relaxing and tranquil scene doesn’t have to use a lot of parts, as is clear from this Japanese temple scene by ABrickDreamer, which features some nice part usage in the shoulder epaulets on the roof of the temple. The tile waterfall is a great color choice and that cherry blossom tree made from just 4 parts is perfect. Another great detail is the pair of red roller skates used at the top of the temple.

LEGO Microscale Japanese HABITAT

These microwaves won’t reheat your leftovers

We’ve covered tiny boats by A Brick Dreamer before. But boats don’t get much smaller than this six-piece schooner. What’s most impressive, though, is that this minuscule mariner gets rocked by waves that actually work, thanks to some tricky Technic techniques. Good thing that lighthouse is there to warn it away from the microscale cliffs.

Microscale LEGO with Working Waves

Have a look at how the full model functions in the video below.

A LEGO Titanic that won’t break the bank, or your display shelf [Instructions]

When LEGO introduces a big, expensive, and beautiful set like the new Titanic or the Typewriter, it isn’t long before someone in the fan community takes a crack at building a microscale version. The moment I saw this instructions video by A Brick Dreamer I wanted to give it a try since there was no way I was going to be able to buy the official set.

It turned out great. The instructions even include tiny stands. You too can follow along and build the perfect miniature model of the infamous ship that will fit very nicely on your desk, or bookshelf. Check out the video instructions below: