This clock goes hoot-hoot instead of cuckoo

LEGO builder Kevin J. Walter has created this cute-looking cuckoo clock. Well, since there’s an owl there, maybe it isn’t technically a cuckoo clock… Do cuckoo clocks specifically need a cuckoo? Perhaps a hooting hourglass… No, it’s not technically an hourglass either. Thankfully Kevin’s creation is much more coherent than my raptor-related ramblings; it makes great use of minifigure legs as detailing. The repetition is great for replicating the intricate wooden carvings one might expect on such a venerable clock. Ditto for the pinecone counterweights at the bottom: the construction is fairly simple – cheese slopes around a studs-not-on-top core – but the effect is terrific, and again mimics skillful woodworking.

Cuckoo Clock

The detail I like the most though is the subtle tilt the clock has. Those counterweights and all that extra mechanism makes cuckoo clocks surprisingly heavy, so whenever I’ve seen one hanging on a wall they’ve been noticeably not flush. It’s a small detail, but it makes it feel so authentic.

Oh! I know, a Tytonidae timepiece! (You may need to look that up. I certainly did…)

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