The Tachyomatic Combine combines complex angles and interstellar build techniques

Well, I’m pretty sure Nick Trotta is from outer space or he’s been sent from the future to kill us all. How else could you explain LEGO build techniques of this caliber? This Tachyomatic Combine combines (how do you explain word association that good?) complex angles, futuristic aerodynamics, and interesting colors and textures. The end result is so cohesive you’d be convinced Nick visited the future. Actually, he’s taken inspiration from artist Weiyi Qin whom I’m pretty sure is also from outer space.

Tachyomatic Combine

Care to see other angles and the inner workings of this mind-blowing model? I’m pretty much going to speak for you here and say that you do. Go on, click the link! You know you want to!

This craft is a sight to behold no matter what angle you view it from. Take this three-quarter rearview for instance. The rear thrusters are particularly nerdgasm-worthy. I also like that the trailing edge of the fins is made from flat rack gears.

Tachyomatic Combine: Fly-by

This front view is quite intimidating. It’s like the last thing you see when agents from the future come after you for making Terminator Genisys or whatever.

Tachyomatic Combine: Cockpit

But I’ll leave you with an interior work-in-progress shot that makes Nick a god amongst mere unwashed mortals. This is the key to all of his complex angles and curves. This right here.

Work-in-progress (1 of 3)

This isn’t the first time we’ve been totally blown away by Nick’s intricate spaceship designs. See for yourselves in our archives. You’ll be glad you did.