How to build a Pave Low helicopter with LEGO: Part 3 [Feature]

It’s done! Building my Transforming Bumblebee distracted me for a bit. However, I actually completed my Pave Low helicopter before the Beetle. In parts one and two of this series I explained how this sort of model has gotten a lot more complicated. Thanks to newer parts and techniques, the simple solutions I would have been happy with ten years ago just don’t hack it anymore. In this third and final part, I finally unveil the finished article.

Perhaps surprisingly, in terms of level of detail, the new model isn’t radically different from the old one. My earlier version already had most of the bits and bobs that make this helicopter look so menacing. The proportions were also pretty much spot-on. Looking at it now, though, it looks terribly boxy.

The shape of this beast has changed in that it is now much rounder. Although I still consciously leave studs exposed on top of my models, the finished product looks a lot cleaner and makes the small details stand out more. I hope you agree the effort was worth it.

4 comments on “How to build a Pave Low helicopter with LEGO: Part 3 [Feature]

  1. Ralph Post author

    @Flip T
    Two reasons: I can’t cover up all of them anyway and to me some studs on the top are an integral part of the aesthetic of a LEGO model.

  2. James

    This is amazing! I’d love to be able to recreate this. I used to fly on these magnificent beasts. Is there any way I could get more details on the construction?

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