Mission: give gifts. Target: all the children in the world.

Christmas is nearing quickly and if your shopping seems hectic, think about how hard it must be for Santa Claus to deliver millions of gifts to children worldwide. The dilema may be less difficult if we take Santa’s mech suit into account, as built in LEGO by Mishima Productions. If you ever went through the calculations (people do that, right?) of what the speed of Santa’s vehicle is, you will see that this mech should be more than capable of it.

Santa Claus Mech

The build captures the generous man’s iconic image perfectly from the front and a whole different story in the back. A metal container opens up to reveal quite industrial looking gifts safely sealed inside. The only thing that really sets the Santa Claus Mech aside from the real deal in the front view is his lowered hat expressing a little bit of a fighter’s stance. The builder has also provided instructions for the build, which you can see in a video format on his YouTube channel.