An artistic representation of a building of art

The National Gallery of Art itself is a wonderful piece of architecture all on its own. Builder wrtyler constructed a brick-built replica of the West Building that’s more than worthy of an official LEGO Architecture set and then some. It’s amazing what a little lighting can do to bring life into a simple structure.

02 - NGA West, Interior lights, National Mall side

The actual West Building has at least 3 acres of skylights covering its roof. According to wrtyler, it was a challenge to replicate that roof with LEGO transparent tiles while having the right structure in place to hold it up. At least 500 transparent cheese wedge pieces were used in total for both wings to give the intended effect.

01 - NGA West, Three Views

01 - National Mall, mostly complete

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  1. Matt

    This is an amazing project that I’m excited to see in person! wrtyler is planning to show the first half (the part shown above) at BrickSlopes in June 2018. The other half (the other side of the national mall) will be completed for BrickSlopes in June 2019. Great job wrtyler!!

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