Retro LEGO workspace makes us nostalgic for floppy disks

Chris McVeigh proves once again that he’s the master of technology nostalgia with this perfect recreation of an 80s/early-90s workspace.

My Old Desktop: Byte Edition

The desk and chair are nice work, but it’s the details on the desktop which make this brilliant — the phone, the lamp, the stapler, the computer itself, all good. But best of all? The floppy disk storage box — a long-departed office fixture which remains immediately identifiable.

And of course, everyone who works with technology deserves to get the occasional upgrade…

My Old Desktop: DOS Edition

1 comment on “Retro LEGO workspace makes us nostalgic for floppy disks

  1. Nicholas

    Wonderfully executed and includes a variation and well staged but one has come to expect that type of work from Chris! It is so realistic and I think if she were alive LEGOGIRL would have loved it!

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