First image of Series 13 Collectible Minifigures [News]

A German poster of Series 13 Collectible Minifigures has surfaced today. The minifigs will be available starting January 2015.

LEGO 71008 Minifigures Series 13 (2015)

9 comments on “First image of Series 13 Collectible Minifigures [News]

  1. Carl

    Amazing. I want every single one. And multiples of the workman with the saw, and the octopus-faced alien bloke.

  2. AK_brickster

    Oh, but the lady cyclops with lipstick and beauty mark is dumb, dumb, dumb! Eyelashes were sufficient to give her the “feminine touch”, now the head is pretty much useless, in my opinion.

  3. Carl

    I must point out how cool the Burger King, Ron Swanson Sheriff, Green Goblin (That part must be used next year for a Spider-Man set) and Safari Chick are. And that dude who looks like a cross between Ming The Merciless and Rasputin looks like he’s right out of The Lego Movie. Great series.

  4. DocBrick

    Unfortunately TLC raised the price up to 2,99€, this is sgoing to be a more expensive series. BTW, what is a “brony”?

  5. Sarah

    @DocBrick a Brony is a male(usually adult) fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They watch the cartoon, collect the toys, make memes, and there are hoodies of the ponies that they can wear, so thats why I called the character in the unicorn costume, a Brony.

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