LEGO electronics are heading your way

LEGO and Blue Digital have linked up to produce a Lego line of kid’s electronics. It appears that the line will include a digital camera, MP3 player, walkie-talkies, and more.

They seem a little odd to me, but then I’m not the guru of all things awesome. That would be Tim.

Thanks to Dano for the heads up.

19 comments on “LEGO electronics are heading your way

  1. Gambort

    The camera looks like it’s influenced by that fashion designer who was doing brick jewelry a couple of years ago. I’ve seen similar stuff here so it was/is obviously a little fad. Get in on a combination of nostalgia and trend and hope you can make some extra cash from the hipsters.

  2. David4

    I’d like to be the first one here to say stupid.

    It’s stupid.

    There I’m happy. :)

    It’s a LEGO camera, which is a dumb idea, that isn’t even made from LEGOs!

  3. Shardwing

    I don’t think those rings were official merch. These, on the other hand, are most likely the products from Digital Blue’s partnership with LEGO.

    I hope they at least use normal sized studs so the gear is customizable to some extent…

  4. Nathan

    I thought the company was trying to get away from this sort of thing. Back to basics and all. Still, it might be cool as long as they are pretty strict about the quality of the electronic components.

  5. Gambort

    It looks to me like TLG isn’t doing this. They just get paid to have their name and logo on it. Like the unsanctioned side-products except with more profit.

  6. Dr. X

    Weird. Maybe if they’re cheap I’ll get one just to crack it open and see what’s inside. Hopefully the studs on top will be standard-size so you can add stuff to it.

  7. Nathan

    The moment I saw the picture of the camera, even without reading anything, I knew it wasn’t made out of actual LEGO. Must be a sixth sense LEGO fans develop. The colors were off and…seemed to be a bit too glowy.

  8. von goyle

    Say what you will, but I WANT a LEGO digital camera, I NEED a LEGO MP3 player, and frankly, my daughter and I can’t be secret agents without LEGO walkie talkies. Just as long as the quality is there.

  9. quincy

    Wow! My buddy here in Cincinnati built that prototype for Digital Blue! That camera along with a few other items! Rest assured that it is indeed made with real LEGO elements… except for the actual camera parts, of course. Fun models.

    For all the whistle blowers in the crowd: I thought the concept for these was pretty solid. Cute products that you can customize in various was, and attach to existing models. …imagine a Power Functions model with a camera or walkie attached? There’s some real potential here.

    I’ll direct the model builder to these posts. Perhaps he can shed some additional light. ;)

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  11. Squirrel Wood

    It looks cool, I just hope they make ’em in solid colors, because I don’t really want stuff with super jumbled colors.

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