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It’s hard to define which LEGO models are sculptural and which are just a regular pile of bricks, but we know a good sculpture when we see one — even if it’s a funny cartoon character and not the Venus de Milo.

Curiouser and curiouser... Moko builds Alice and the White Rabbit

Moko claims never to have read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (as it so happens, I’m reading it right now), but that doesn’t stop him from building a wonderfully evocative version of Alice and the White Rabbit based on nothing more than a few image searches on the web.

Alice in Wonderland

Moko says that Alice’s hair was especially hard and that he had to rebuild it a couple times. The extra effort has certainly resulted in some naturally flowing hair.

“Now the whole world will know that you died scratching my balls.”

TBB newcomer David Alexander Smith has a unique style of building that proves (once again) that you don’t need a million parts to create something original or make an impact on the hobby. David makes excellent use of negative space in his rendition of everyone’s favorite super-spy. Three cheers for minimalism.

James Bond 007

Are you ready for some football?

Diamond Dave Shaddix hopes you are, and he’s ready to get you in the mood with this outstanding sculpture of an Arizona Cardinal’s helmet. Lucky Dave was commissioned by the NFL franchise to build both the helmet and a mosaic for the upcoming season. While it doesn’t quite match the cool-factor of Dave’s other high-vis commission from world-famous illusionist David Copperfield, it is impressive nonetheless.

Cardinals Helmet

Did I mention you can wear this bad boy?

Although the dome-protector won't save you from concussions, it is quite wearable. If you want to check out the helmet, sans Dave, it will be ensconced in the Arizona Cardinals HQ in Tempe.

Smurf Vomit

Once again, constant reader, it has been a pleasure being your weekend DJ. The request line and the long-distance dedication line will be open all week. Until then, enjoy one more tune, courtesy of that pesky Joel Baker. Joel claims the smurf vomit is part of some outlandish structure called the ‘Brick River’ that leads to a play area at the new LEGOLAND Hotel at LEGOLAND California. That’s a likely story.


See you at the fights next Friday.