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Like a moth to a flame

I always feel a deep sympathy for moths stuck indoors at night, attempting to flutter straight somewhere but instead circling a nearby electric light they mistake for the far-off moon or stars. LEGO lepidoptery enthusiast Revan has constructed a gorgeous white moth alighting on a patch of ground, complete with sprigs of grass enlarged to great proportions. Revan has captured the big black eyes and stubby little legs of these adorable fuzzy night-time creatures.


Next time you see a moth trapped indoors, be gentle and help it, won’t you?

Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to build a mosquito

Did you know Iceland is the only country in the world that has no mosquitoes? I bet our readers from the North have not a single idea how pesky and horrid these little monsters are. Luckily, this outstanding insect by Mister N perfectly depicts everything we ‘love’ so much about them. Long needle-shaped legs? Check. Tiny belly full of warm blood? Check. A pair of cold soul-less eyes? Oh, yes.

A Nightmare on Mosquito St.

The great Steambug migration has begun

You may have heard of the great migration of the Serengeti wildebeest, who migrate over 1,600 kilometres each year in search of grass and water. Well, the dust is rising over Butcher Paper Canyon, and it’s due to the massive Steambug Migration heading across the land, thanks to  Ted Andes’ imagination and building skills. There are 7 initial species of Steambug present in this migration, but Ted hopes that many more will join by the time the migration reaches BrickWorld later this year.

The Great Steambug Migration - BW17

Let’s get the magnifying glass out and take a closer look at these Steambugs.

See all of these LEGO critters up close

Bug eyed monsters

Current followers of Manga will recognize this as the Terra Formar, a humanoid evolution of cockroaches that lives on Mars (…hmmm, ok). I’m terrified enough of the domestic variety, so this is the stuff of nightmares!

This LEGO version is the work of our favorite Japanese builder Moko, who decided he should pit it against one of his other bug-eyed creations, Kamen rider. At first, Kamen Rider does well by delivering an effective wound to the thorax:

But then he decides to karate-chop off the Terra Formar’s head. Big mistake! Because as we all know, that move is basically ineffective on cockroaches and their kin. The thought of this brute running around headless for two weeks is just too horrible to imagine. Hopefully Moko’s next creation will be some kind of giant boot.

The Only Good Mosquito

Is this space ship model built by Legolize it Man. I barely feel any urge to slap it at all. The shape certainly evokes the insect it’s named for, but, moreover, it’s a pretty cool space ship. The bulbous cockpit area provides a great contrast to the angled and spindly landing gear. The background color for this photo is also a perfect allusion to a blood-sucker.