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New hardsuit frame design by Ironsniper

Even though I’m a sucker for adorably squat hardsuits, there are only so many gray, greebly little fellows I can take after a while. This new design by Chris (Ironsniper) made me sit up and take notice.


There’s some nice color blocking with the brown arm, along with one of the coolest details I’ve seen on any hardsuit, even though that knife may be quite useless to a mechanized warrior. But it’s the posability built into the shoulders, knees, and feet that sets this hardsuit apart.

Bird Under Water

This creation by Shamisenfred isn’t a duck or a penguin or anything else that’d make sense in the context of an underwater bird mecha. It’s an ostrich wearing a hardsuit.

Since I don’t own any of the new ostriches yet, I’m not sure whether the heads simply detach, or if tools are involved. In order to suit my purist heart, I’ll assume that the head was easily removed and affixed onto this body. There’s just something about the ostrich wearing goggles and a snorkel that really amuses me.

"TRITON" aquatic hardsuit

Bloody puppet, do your dance…

Brian Kescenovitz (mondayn00dle) is another builder who probably has more works featured on our blog than not. What makes this creation unique is the combination of an emotionally arousing scene and backstory (yes, a Lego creation can be more than eye-candy). The rust stains on the rare Bionicle mask of the hardsuit mirrors the stains of blood and adds to the twisted setting. The hardsuit also seats a complete minifig.