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Ford Escort Mk1

Here is a vehicle that is sure to please both the hot-weather crowd and studs-out advocates like TBB’s own Wreck-it-Ralph. The builder is Joe Perez, better known as MortalSwordsman, and the car is part of his ongoing Alan Mann Racing Team project. The excellent roll-cage is just one of many details which include the kind of boilerplate car functionality you’ve come to expect and enjoy. If you’re interested in a more detailed inspection and you can put up with the frequent service outages, head over to MOCpages to get your fill.


1957 Ford Taunus 17M P2 deLuxe by mijasper

Most of the LEGO models by Michael Jasper (mijasper) that we’ve featured here over the years have highlighted minifigs with perfectly scaled tools, furniture, and other brick-built accessories — every one featuring Michael’s brilliant parts usage (far and above merely “nice“). It’s still wonderful to see Michael build something a bit bigger, if only just. This model of a 1957 Ford Taunus certainly doesn’t suffer from immensity, but Michael still manages to pack it full of detail.

Ford Taunus 17M deLuxe (P2)

The black-and-white color scheme on the car contrasts beautifully with the elderly minifig Michael has included for scale. Of course, no model he builds would be free of NPU — note the brackets in the wheel well and tan windows as seat backs inside the car.

Citroen 2CV Charleston

Making his third appearance on this blog of blogs is Nick Barrett (TechnicNick) who would like to show you his fine new automobile. From Wikipedia: “The Charleston was technologically advanced and innovative, but with uncompromisingly utilitarian unconventional looks, and deceptively simple Bauhaus inspired bodywork. All this simpleton knows is that I love dark red, and that curving pin-stripe is pretty slick. The builder thoughtfully included a grandfather-clock, at no extra charge to you, the viewing public.


Mad Misterzumbi

LEGO designer Adam Grabowski (Misterzumbi) is obsessed with cars. Adam has taken a break from posting photos of beat-up Fords to post some rather excellent custom LEGO cars from the Mad Max series of movies.

Adam isn’t afraid to sticker the heck out of his builds, nor to paint a brick here and there if it isn’t available in the correct color. The end result is gorgeous — Max’s Interceptor.


The Ford Landau from The Road Warrior is covered in paint, about which Adam says, “The paint will never come off. Those bricks are ruined.”


“We can drive it home, with one headlight.”

iomedes!… strikes again with his interpretation of Syd Mead’s “SENTINEL 400 limousine“. The model has everything a discerning passenger expects from a cutting edge motorcar including rich Corinthian leather, a bottle of Château Cheval Blanc 2038 in the back and fat stacks of cash in the boot.

Syd Mead's SENTINEL 400 limousine

Constant reader, I cannot stress enough that having an exclamation mark in your screen name really can increase your chance of weekend bloggage.

“Shut up and drive”

Lucky for you Bob Alexander (bobalexander!) is handing you the keys to his Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo (1988 Spec). Bob’s choice of windshield is perfect, and his attention to detail puts him up there with some of the best builders in the genre. So now you’ve got a premium ride, show us that fancy driving you’re always talking about.

Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo (1988 Spec)

On a related note, I really enjoy it when a builder includes an exclamation point in their screen name. Bob Alexander is nowhere near as cool as bobalexander! It forces you to run the names together and really say it with gusto. On that note, I’m off to alter my screen name on Flickr. I hope you’re enjoying Saturday as much as I am.

To see her is to take a sudden chill.

Presenting Cruella de Vil’s sweet ride from the Disney film 101 Dalmations, as interpreted by Cole Edmonson. The car used in the 1996 live-action version was based on the Panther De Ville, produced from 1974-85 by British car company Panther Westwinds. Cole includes a fairly accurate Cruella minifig to go with it; the only thing missing is her ever present cigarette.

Cruella DeVil's LEGO Car