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Paleolithic cat food

Built for the MOC Olympics contest in a round focused on human evolution, Deus Otiosus created this scene depicting one of our forebears about to become a cat’s lunch. The sculpture and posing of both characters is perfect. And as an added bonus, you can even enjoy this build from all angles thanks to a handy spinning animated version.

Definitely no ugly duckling

Not many people have mastered the LEGOLAND building style, outside of the master builders of LEGOLAND themselves. But for several years now, teen builder Joshua Christenson has been employing this technique to create convincing sculptures far smaller than those you’d typically see in the theme parks, as illustrated by this beautiful swan…

Fangs vs. Claws

Drill Man can certainly deal with bunnies, but I don’t know if he would fare so well if he came across this snake and scorpion on stroll through the desert. 74louloute builds this epic battle of nature for the ongoing competition with Sweetsha. The use of minifig legs for the snake’s tail is genius, as well as the head/face techniques on the scorpion…well pretty much all of this is genius actually.

Duel in the wild

Keep ’em coming guys.