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Real-life Destiny Sword made from LEGO

Check out the Arc Edge from Destiny, Bungie’s newest game, where it appears in the newest expansion, The Taken King. Nick Jensen, known for making super cool life-size LEGO replicas of video game guns, has switched it up a bit and brings us a full-scale melee weapon this time. It takes a good deal of LEGO engineering prowess to create something so long and thin without it warping when held, and Nick is happy to pose with his blade to show its strength and scale.

Destiny: Arc Edge
Destiny: Arc Edge

If you like Nick’s work, check out Creations for Charity, where you can buy one of your very own! Nick has donated his life-size Halo 2 Battle Rifle to be sold to raise money for the charity, which uses the funds to buy LEGO sets for under-privileged children for Christmas.

Life-size LEGO RV Sets New Guinness World Record

A life-size, fully functional caravan trailer made entirely from LEGO bricks was presented this week at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, during the 2015 Motorhome & Caravan Show.

 [photo courtesy of Guinness World Records]

The trailer set the surprisingly specific record for “largest caravan built with interlocking plastic bricks.” The model uses 215,158 LEGO bricks to faithfully recreate all the functions of a real RV, including running water and electricity. While sadly the heating elements and stove are non-functional lest the bricks melt, the refrigerator is perfectly capable of keeping its LEGO-built food safely preserved. Impressively, even the table folds down into a functional (albeit very firm) bed, just like real caravan trailers. The caravan will be on display Oct. 13-18 at the show, then again at the end of the month for UK’s Brick 2015 LEGO convention.

The model was created by UK’s Bright Bricks, LEGO Certified Professional Duncan Titmarsh and Ed Diment’s company. We’ve featured Ed’s monstrously large military ships many times here on TBB.

via Guinness World Records.

Simon says

Readers under the age of 40 are probably looking at this creation by Flickr member jtheels right now and thinking either (a) “Nice spaceship, dude!”, or (b) “Worst Chrome logo ever”. In fact, this is a life size recreation of Simon, an electronic game that first appeared in 1978 and became ridiculously popular at the time. By a complete coincidence, we have a Simon here at The Brothers Brick, who is also ridiculously popular, and has various buttons that we enjoy pushing on a daily basis!

MIDA Multi-Tool from Destiny

Elliott Feldman spent several months to build a life-sized MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle from the video game Destiny. The model is instantly recognizable to those who have played the game, but more interesting is the fact that the creation was scaled to one Lego piece. Find out what this part is in the description video on YouTube, which also showcases other features of the gun.

Can you dig it?

We’ve see plenty of LEGO mosaics before, but this one has a twist. James Pegrum used LEGO to capture the archaeological discovery of a Roman floor mosaic. This is a teaser for a Romano-Celtic themed collaboration by British building collective Bricks to the Past, due to be unveiled at STEAM next month. Can’t wait to see what other gems are unearthed when the full display is revealed!

The Battle Gear of a Brick Warrior

Tim Schwalfenberg has just come back from the subjugated provinces and hung up his Roman Legionnaire’s battle gear, which looks stunning displayed in all its glory.

Battle Ready

Tim’s been busy in his Iron Builder competition against Matt De Lanoy, and has been rolling out top-notch models left and right. Here are a few of my favorites, but be sure to check his flickr stream for the rest.

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