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Life Size Minifig Blaster is Full of Win!

You know a creation is awesome when the first thought that pops into your head is, “I want that!” Brickthing made a life size version of the new double barreled Alien Conquest blasters for the MOC Olympics. Lego should seriously consider making life size versions of these things.  Pew pew.
Life-size Minifig Weapon -Side


Couple this with Norbert Labuguen‘s Hero Factory built life size Alien Clinger, I think we’ve a great new meme bigifying things!


CCISD2012 LEGO Cosplay Alien Clinger 068

Life-size Warhammer 40K Bolt Pistol

We’ve featured many of Jarek‘s Warhammer 40K creations in the past, but this is a first. Instead of scale models of vehicles or troops from the games, he’s built a life-sized gun from the game. He’s built in several cool play features, though not launching a projectile, which you can see in his youtube video, below.

wh40k Bolt Pistol

I like-ah this Leica

H.Y. Leung (Mr.Attacki) appears to be relatively new on flickr, however, a quick Google search reveals that he has been on MOCpages for a while longer. But one thing for sure, these fantastic creations don’t appear to be getting the attention they deserve!!

These are two of my favourites, but be sure to click through the rest as well.



Big thanks to BrickAvenger for the heads up!