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Firebreak Specialist’s flamethrower, the Purifier, in LEGO

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 didn’t grab my interest as much as Halo 5 and Fallout 4 recently, but that doesn’t prevent this 3-foot, 1,200-piece Purifier replica by YouTuber ZaziNombies from being awesome. ZaziNombies takes his presentation style a step further by adding real fire (though it is not fired by pulling the LEGO trigger). Watch his demonstration with real flamethrowing in this two minute video, but please don’t try this at home!

This is my jam

David Hensel presents two pieces of musical equipment at what appears to be full scale. First up is a mini guitar amplifier that makes clever use of a LEGO net, as well as sword hilts as dials.

0 Watt ABS Ornamental Amplifier

The second build from David is a replica mechanical metronome. Notice the tempo markings are created with stacked individual track links. I can just hear that constant ticking looking at this build.

Tick tick tick tick....

At a smaller scale than David’s musical builds, Jimmy Fortel shows us a rock-n-roll drum set played by a rock-n-roll drummer with a rock-n-roll haircut. 16 hour drum solo!

One, two....one, two, three, four!!!

The greatest build since gingerbread

I swear I can feel a strong smell of ginger while I’m looking at the latest confectionery masterpiece by Koen. The key to success here is that this gingerbread cottage is actually the second version; the first one was baked and served a little more than a year ago. Compare both and you’ll easily notice how much the Friends sets have added to the official LEGO color palette just in this past year. Excuse me for now, I have to go and ask for the recipe.

Gingerbread House

Han Solo’s “cocky” weapon of choice

Star Wars is clearly a hot topic at the moment and Rhys Knight has created his LEGO weapon of choice, Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster.


The BlasTech Industries DL-44 heavy blaster pistol was a powerful sidearm from the time of the Galactic Civil War. It was the weapon of choice for Han Solo and the Rebel Alliance and also wielded by Luke Skywalker throughout The Empire Strikes Back.

Rhys’ 1:1 model has a raised scope, and he shared with TBB that as the model is primarily black, he wanted there to be a clear separation.  He notes that the ‘fiddly’ aspect of the build was the rear of the telescopic sight as it had to be circular, but also flare out.  The trigger guard is actually upside down, and is attached to the grip via Part 60470 (1×2 plate with double clips) and attached to the power cell via a simple slot for the guard.

Best part for me — it cocks!

The E-11 blaster: a life-size Star Wars prop made of LEGO (because nothing beats a good blaster at your side)

2015 is an exciting year for Star Wars fans, with The Force Awakens coming to theaters and a long-awaited new entry in the Star Wars Battlefront series of games. I’ve been having a blast playing the new Battlefront on Xbox, so I was inspired to expand my arsenal of gaming weapons with the classic E-11 Blaster Rifle.
Star Wars E-11 Blaster Rifle
Battlefront was lovingly crafted by EA Dice to be true to the Star Wars original trilogy (they took 3D scans of the original props to create their digital counterparts), so I trusted that their in-game model of the E-11 was accurate enough to build from. For scale reference, I used the dimensions of a Sterling SMG, the gun from which the original E-11 film props were built. Working features on the LEGO replica include a moving trigger and a folding stock.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a first person perspective view. It should appear familiar to those who have played Battlefront.
Star Wars E-11 Blaster Rifle

Full size Bionicle Iron Man helmet

As we all know, “Iron Man” isn’t actually made of iron, but rather gold-titanium alloy. Robert Downey Jr wouldn’t lie to us, would he? At any rate, definitely not made out of iron or any alloys (but still as impressive) is this new creation by nobu_tary. We’re not sure if this helmet would actually fit on a person’s head, but taking a guess from the size of certain pieces, it does look up to the task.


This will pair nicely with other Iron Man creations we’ve featured in the past, like a gauntlet or the famous arc reactor. Everyone keep up the good work, we’ll soon have an entire suit.

When building becomes time-consuming

Brick-built interior decorations are something for which I have a great weakness. Miro Dudas surprises us with an excellent cuckoo wall clock in the style of a traditional German timber-frame house. You may even think these two collectible minifigures were designed specially for this model – that’s how perfectly they fit in! (They’re actually from Series 8 and Series 11.) The clock-face might be an unrecognizable part, but that’s because Miro has built the clock around a spare working mechanism from a real clock. This makes it a beautiful example not just of a nice-looking model, but also a functional one.

Cuckoo Clock

Can’t earn Sleeper Simulant in Destiny? Build it with LEGO!

ZaziNombies is well known on YouTube for creating Exotic-tier weapons from the popular video game Destiny. His latest is the Sleeper Simulant, an exotic fusion rifle new to Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. The paneling surrounding the barrel as well as the use of custom chrome LEGO parts makes this replica pop. Watch as ZaziNombies demonstrates and discusses his Sleeper Simulant replica in this short 2 1/2 minute video.

Masking your inner LEGO lover

It’s Halloween tonight, and if you were competing against Sean and Steph Mayo in a costume contest, you’d probably have lost.

Mask of the Sea Queen

Ok, so they didn’t actually build this life-sized mask for a Halloween costume, but it sure could work for one. The exquisitely sculpted horns remind me a bit of the Faun in Pan’s Labyrinth, one of the few scary movies I actually enjoy, though the creators say it’s the guise of a sea queen.

Block ‘n’ Load

Jack R. constructed a convincing LEGO replica of a Barrett M82 anti-materiel rifle. A full-scale model this realistic is impressive, but design alone isn’t enough for Jack. His M82 features a working trigger, working bolt, flip-up backup iron sights, removable magazine with release catch,  folding bipod, and removable monopod. As a 1:1 scale builder, the details that fascinate me the most are the properly scaled .50 caliber rounds in the magazine, and the structural integrity of the bipod and monopod, which support the weight of the model.

Barrett M82

A good egg from the get-go: a LEGO Fabergé egg

Jeweled eggs were meticulously detailed Easter eggs commissioned by nobility in the late 19th and early 20th century. The eggs are wholly artificial, made of materials such as gold and ceramic, and often opened to reveal layers of smaller intricate details, similar to Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls. Fabergé eggs are the most famous of these jeweled eggs, being crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé for the last Czars of Russia, and are today worth millions. In 2014, a junk dealer in the USA was doing research on a trinket he planned to scrap for its metal content, and discovered he was in possession of a lost Fabergé egg valued at $33 million.

Builder Koen’s jeweled egg may be made of humbler materials, but it is like its namesakes in being a fantastic display of craftsmanship. Koen created it as a wedding gift for his bother, and so it opens to reveal a LEGO bridge and groom.