Thanel SigfigThe actual biological brother of Andrew Becraft. Recently emerging from dim ages and participating more actively in the LEGO community. Moving beyond just squealing in delight under the Christmas tree every year and on birthdays. Actively involved in SandLUG and newly posting on Flickr under the name Yupa-sama.

Main interests are in historical vignettes, architecture, Star Wars, the seedy underbelly of anything, Japan, nature, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and clever things that tickles his fancy. Generally just fascinated by culture, subculture, counterculture and multiculture.

Married, two and half cats, securely employed (thank god), vegetarian teetotaler and news junkie.

Apologies for the slight anonymity, but unlike most people, in Thanel’s line of work–alas, not secret agency–online networking is as likely to be detrimental as constructive. Connecting with clients personally and repeat business are distinctly bad ideas, so he’d rather keep his real name on the DL as much as possible. He’s happy to reveal his secret identity in-person (or online as Andrew’s brother). He just wants to keep the explicit electronic signature of his real name and undisclosed underground bunker location to a minimum.