Linus is a 23 year old Swede, who’s been a LEGO fan for as long as he can remember. He’s most prominently a space builder, but do enjoy well-built models in other themes. Though most active on Classic-Space, Linus surf around most of the LEGO related forums when time permits. If you see someone with the username ‘Bohman’, chances are pretty good you’ve caught him.

To see what Linus has built before, check out his Brickshelf gallery. His flickr photostream is also a good bet for some LEGO tinkerings mixed up with other pictures. He has written a few guides over at Classic-Space that deals with the finer points of LEGO building.

In real life Linus is a communicator, at present working for the largest university in Sweden. Simply put: he is grand at figuring out what makes you tick and do something fun with that. His other major web presence is