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3 a.m. Mecha

So often it is the large models that get featured here on The Brothers Brick, but there are often small creations that are equally as epic. Case in point, Andrew Lee’s (onosendai2600) mini Metal Storm mecha. We had previously featured Cole Blaq’s much larger version, and it is pretty fantastic to see how well Andrew captured the same shapes, colours, and details at such a miniscule scale.


Now go get some sleep Andrew :)

Hellboy II – Golden Army Robot

Robert H. (Robiwan_Kenobi) has built the Golden Army robot from the Hellboy II film. The combination of gold and translucent red parts make this one stunning machine to look at.

Hellboy II The Golden Army: Robot

Hellboy II The Golden Army: Robot

He says that this has been a work in progress for a year and a half. I am so very glad that he finished it, but also shame on him for keeping it from us for that long ;)

This LEGO Hobbiton even has a brick-built map

Legopard recently exhibited his LEGO Hobbiton at SteineWahn 2012 in Berlin, where it took 3rd place for “Best MOC”. While many LEGO builders are content to build a single hobbit hole, Legopard built three, each with its uniquely colored front door, all surrounded by lush landscaping.

Hobbiton - a long expected Party

Bag End has an interior to satisfy the poshest (and hungriest) of hobbits:


And I love that Hobbiton even gets its own LEGO map!

the Shire - map

Check out MOCpages for the full gallery, with descriptions of how Legopard built and transported this large diorama, and watch a slideshow on YouTube.

Lemon_Boy Fan_Boy

I think it is a safe bet for me to say that Erik (Lemon_Boy) is one of my favourite builders on Flickr. I have an odd fascination with his work. Perhaps it is his complete lack of fear towards studs, or possibly his courageous use of colour combinations, most definitely his affinity for realistic scale…and his mildly sarcastic descriptions certainly do always give me a good chuckle. But the fact of the matter is, I feel he is a builder that really doesn’t receive the props he deserves. And I am one to talk because I don’t comment on his photos nearly as much as I should…I bloody well spend enough time browsing his stream :D

So to make up for my lack of effort in giving praise, I figured I would feature some of my favourites from his recent works.


objekt 8 "PROBOKATOR"

Express to Organa Major

hull downnn

So if you haven’t already, please peruse Erik’s photostream…it is thoroughly good!

Great Great Ball Contraption

Freelance Technic blogger, Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) sends us this beauty. I agree!

While most great ball contraptions are the result of a collaboration between many people, mechanical mastermind Akiyuki has been so busy building GBC modules that he made a damn impressive lineup all on his own. The intricate modules have an almost hypnotic quality to them.