3 comments on “Show some backbone!

  1. Starwars4J

    That’s pretty sweet, I agree it looks very realistic and attainable. On top of that going to the lengths to make instructions is awesome. Great work all around.

  2. Intrastella

    Very nice. When I saw the light and exited my dim time, it was moonbase that I trawled the web for first, being a classic space child. My first MOC was started 18 months ago (base for my classic space guys) and still lies only 1/4 made.

    Good to see some moonbase still around and I like those corridors.

  3. Tagl

    First of all thank you Tim for the blog! I didn’t think the backbone was such a big deal. Otherwise I would have posted it much earlier.

    I hope the instructions help to get some more life into the moonbase theme again. It still has it’s place on german exhibitions. Would be nice to reinforce especially the US fraction as they originaly bore the standard.

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